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Supriye Jain’s (VIT, Vellore) experiences of working with EKJAA

The Social Project Owned by Supriye Jain – Ekjaa Campus Leader and Ekjaa Task managers Ankur Gupta, Ritik Arora, Ankit Gupta, Prateek Sharda, and Garvit Khandelwal from VIT, Vellore.

Doing an Internship with Ekjaa, a social organization based in Mumbai, in which first I had to select my task managers and afterwards working with them towards the project was a very good experience for me. I will remember this experience for my lifetime. It is one of the good things that has happened to me during my life as a student.


I started my journey in Ekjaa by registering on a portal named Enable India which was lead by my cousin. I got shortlisted there and was provided with an opportunity to serve the group as Ekjaa Campus Leader from Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore.

Initially I was quite confused about my job and didn’t really know what to do. I would really like to thank Harsha Mam, the founder of Ekjaa and my project managers Swati and Parth. They were helpful throughout in giving me the guidance and assistance for my project.

After thinking and planning for a week, I made my strategy on how to carry on the project further. For this, I selected around 7 task managers from my college residing in Jaipur itself, as I was in Jaipur for the summer vacations and thought it would be more helpful if the managers were from the same city. It would also be more easy to monitor their work.

So we all started our work from there. In the first few days, I assigned the work of enquiring about the NPOs that I shortlisted initially to my task managers. This work included making phone calls and  thorough internet search about them and fix up an appointment. Next, we visited around 7 NPOs and met with the people there and made a brief report about them. Then we shortlisted 4 NPOs from which we finally chose 2 NPOs for our project.

Things didn’t go that smooth as we have planned and two of my task managers had to leave because of some important work in the college. We were then in a complete dilemma on what to do. Then I took a tough decision and assigned 1 NPO to all the five managers. The decision was taken because the one task manager that was left out was not that much experienced in this area. So finally we decide the NPO on which we were going to work and chose SIDART organization that was doing a project focussed on the slum kids. Then I asked my task managers to make a report for the phase 1. I was surprised by the wonderful work they had done in briefly comparing all the three NPOs.

The next step was the Phase 2 of the project which was a difficult phase for me as a leader. In this phase the pre-disbursal monitoring had to be done. So we first met with the founder of the organization Mrs. Pramila Sanjaya and had a detailed questionnaire with her for about two and a half hours. She assigned to us a volunteer from their organization named Surbhi and I was immensed when I got to know that she was from the same school in which I studied. We also met a foreign volunteer who was the co-owner of the project.

After this work came the main work of visiting the project site and meet the kids and the volunteers there. The kids there gave a very good response to us and recited some poems to us. We also clicked some photographs and took interviews of some of the kids there. We were quite happy after visiting the site and it was good to see that the organization is putting hard efforts for improving the life of those children. Finally we involved ourselves in making the final report of pre disbursal monitoring and mentioned in the report what are the problems that are being faced in the execution of the project and what help can Ekjaa provide.

I took great pleasure in sending the report to Ekjaa and waited for their response to that hard work we had put in. This project was a great learning experience for me in the social area and also was very helpful in developing my leadership skills further. In the end it helped in inspiring me and made me working towards sincerely on the set goals.

The internship might have ended now but I know this is not the end of my role in Ekjaa and I will look forward to have more experiences with it in the future. I expect that in the coming future more people will take responsibility and work towards the cause as I did.


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