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Ekjaa: Together We Grow

The world is not a bad place if there is even a single hand to pull you through your tough times. The world is not a bad place if there is even one voice to console you. The world is certainly not a bad place if there is even a single face with a genuine smile to make you forget all your pain. Sometimes, it is better to break the shackles of shyness and embarrassment and raise those underprivileged with your good hearts and minds. Sometimes, it is better to feel with the people rather feeling for them. And sometimes, there is nothing more than love that you need.

Ekjaa is a young institution motivated from such a vision and committed to help the society in its own way. Founded in a culturally well blended city of Hyderabad, India, we have grasped a fine understanding of the Indian society, its anticipation and prime areas of urgent focus: education, health, environment and self-sustainability. What we provide is a common platform to all the society oriented individuals and organizations to unanimously contribute towards the upliftment of every deprived section in and around. The working model of Ekjaa encapsulates the intention of generating funds for the NGOs which have established collaboration with us. The credible projects of these NGOs seeking funds for the implementation are presented on our website. Donors and lenders can understand those projects’ plausibility and decide if they are willing to support those NGOs via Ekjaa, financially.

But NGOs are one category of sailors in our mission to reach harmonic and self sustainable India which at the moment finds a cordial aroma in chunks and isolation but not as a single society. We bring bodies from diverse backgrounds together and make them socially aware and responsible so that they can support one another. This is a one stop platform, first of its kind where individuals, institutions, businesses, MFIs, SHGs and NGOs all come together to alleviate poverty, provide humanitarian support and create better future. Our bit does not end with raising funds but as a parent we care to monitor how it is being utilized for the betterment of end beneficiaries. We do not take our work just as a service or contribution instead an amalgamation of true love, honest help, knowledge and situations where people can be helped to attain gratification despite lacking the luxuries of life. The people who make a difference to such lives are not the ones with most credentials, most money or most awards; they are simply the ones who care the most with substance and not just feelings.

Ekjaa with its qualified founders and an aspiring team of youngsters has a mission; mission for every individual in society to contribute to the growth of their community & country and to enable them to live with self dignity and pride. Join us in our mission and help us achieve it. After all, there is nothing more important than a unanimous growth for a productive and prosperous society of tomorrow.

Mohnish Bagree


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